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HP OfficeJet 7410xi Printer mainly designed for small and business users, it is an All-in-One Wireless Printer. Then, It is a Budget-Friendly Printer 123.hp.com/oj7410xi and gives better Performance.It can  print,scan,copy and Fax at the lower cost. HP OfficeJet 7410xi supports both WiFi and WiFi Direct but Ethernet connection is not supported. It is Office Centric Printer  and it supports Two-Sided Printing with Automatic Document Feeder.It also produces high quality photos  at higher performance rate. For the Printer Setup, follow these Instructions


UnBox your HP OfficeJet 7410xi Printer-123.hp.com/oj7410xi

  1. At First, Open the HP OfficeJet 7410xi Printer Box and you can find the Software Installation CD for Windows and Mac.
  2. If you misplace this disc, you can download the 123.hp.com/oj7410xi printer driver software from the HP Official Website.
  3. Use the Setup Poster that came with the Package for the 123.hp.com/setup 7410xi setup process.Then. use the Step By Step Instructions to complete the Printer Setup Process.
  4. Use Get Started Guide for more additional Information and Troubleshooting method. While, you can get more information about the Printer and its service with Instant Ink Service plan. 
  5. You can find the complete set of Ink Cartridges, which is important for Basic Printer Setup123.hp.com/setup 7410xi. However,  avoid using the local ink cartridges as the Replacement Cartridges. 
  6. Use the Power Cord,that came along with the printer package for the printer connection. It is recommended to use the power cord the power cord that along with the package for the power connection.
  7. Use Two-wire phone cable for the fax connection.Now ,Gently take the printer out of the box by pulling the Plastic Bag.
  8. Set the box and Styrofoam aside, which can be reused. All the Packing Materials are recyclable you can get more information from 123.hp.com/setup 7410xi.
  9. Now, Remove all the blue tape and protective plastic around the printer device. After that, Slide open the Output tray and get rid of all the packing materials.
  10. Lift open the Scanner lid and remove the Styrofoam sheet, Connect the Power Cord to the rear end of the printer and to the power outlet.

HP OfficeJet 7410xi Printer Setup

  • Firstly, Turn On your 123.hp.com/oj7410xi Printer Device and set your basic preferences such as preferred language, Time Zone and Region. In the End, Touch OK to Confirm the settings.
  • Now, Click ” Continue Setup ” to continue the process 123.hp.com/setup 7410xi. To Place the Ink cartridges,Open the ink carriage access door and install the ink cartridge in their allotted slots.
  • After that, Twist the Orange cap in anti-clockwise Direction and Place them in their respective position.
  • Close the ink carriage access door so that the device can start the printing process. Touch Ok in the  Printer’s Display it may prompt you to load an Unused sheet into the input tray.
  • Slide open the Input tray and load a stack of paper. Finally, Press OK and confirm the Paper type and Size.
  • After a while, Your Printer Device automatically prints an Alignment page .Now, Place the Alignment Page into the Scanner lid and touch scan to scan the alignment page.
  • The Alignment process was successful message will get displayed. Now ,your  Printer Device is Ready to Use.

HP OfficeJet 7410xi AirPrint Setup

  • AirPrint is a Technology Developed by Apple to print High-Quality Photos and Documents from your Mac, iPhone and iPod Devices.
  • AirPrint Does not Require any additional Driver Installation as it allows the users to directly print from their AirPrint Compatible Devices.
  • But, Non- AirPrint Compatible Printers can use WiFi Connection for their Printing Process.
  • At First, Make sure that you have these following requirements before starting the AirPrint Setup Process. Then, Your Apple Device should be of iOS 4.2 or later version.
  • An HP Printer that supports AirPrint, an active connection between the Printer and the Apple Device.Meanwhile, Your Printer and apple Device should share the same wireless network. 
  • Your Printer and apple Device should be connected to the same network either through a wireless network or through WiFi Direct. Use USB cable for WiFi Direct Connection.
  • To Print from your Apple Device, Download an application on your Apple iOS device that supports AirPrint.
  • Start the Printing Process by pressing power button on the Printer’s Control Panel and select the document that you want to Print and Press Action Icon.
  • Menu Option will display a list of options, Tap Print option to start the Printing Process.
  • This Process may prompt you to select the printer device from the list Printer Devices. Now, Select your 123.hp.com/oj7410xi HP Printer and choose the options menu to change the settings

HP OfficeJet 7410xi Wireless Setup

  • HP Wireless Direct Connect used to establish a secure connection between the printer and your device.
  • Generally, It helps you to easily connect your mobile phone to the printer without the wireless router.
  • The HP Printer Software is required to start the printing process. While, You can easily manage the Wireless Direct Connection from the printer’s control panel.
  • HP Wireless Direct Connect provides Secure Connection which allows the user to print the file, document and photos in a secured manner.
  • Before Starting the Wireless Direct Connection, Install the  printer Software in your printer and Computer Device.
  • You can get Instructions from the Printer’s Control Panel. Select the connection type either as ” Through the Network”, “Network” or ” Wireless” and complete the software Installation process.

Wireless Setup in Mac OS

  • At First, Turn on WiFi Direct in your Printer Device and turn on WiFi on your Mac Device.
  • After that, Click the WiFi icon and enter the WiFi Direct name such as DIRECT-**-OfficeJet-7410xi. Enter the WiFi Direct Password if prompted.
  • But, WiFi Direct password is Case-Sensitive so make sure that you enter the same WiFi Direct password.
  • Then, Use ” Add the Printer” option to add the new printer Device. Follow these steps to add a new printer device.
  • Open System Preferences and then click Print, Scan & Fax or Printers & Scanners depending on your operating system version.
  • Now, Use the (+) sign in the left side of the printers to add a new printer device.
  • Choose your printer device from the list of detected printers 123.hp.com/oj7410xi and click Add.

Computer- Device Connection

  • After the Printer Software Installation process, Switch ON HP Wireless Direct on your Printer’s Control Panel.
  • Switch ON WiFi Radio on your mobile or computer Device. Then, Connect your  Printer to HP Wireless Direct or WiFi Diret
  • After Starting the HP Wireless Direct Connection,type your WPA2 password if prompted for a secure connection.
  • WiFi Direct does not work without the WPA2 Security, Install the Printer Software. Without the Printer Software the wireless Direct Connection is Considered Useless.
  • Then, Choose Wireless as the Network Connection Type and Install the HP Printer Plug-in in your Mobile Device

Wireless Trouble Shooting for Windows-123.hp.com/oj7410xi

  • Generally, You can easily connect your Printer to the home network through wired or wireless connection.
  • But, Some issues may arise while connecting your printer to the wireless network. Here, Use these instructions to solve the basic wireless network connection issues.
  • At First, Check with the SSID and the password of the home network. Then, Use the WiFi icon to connect your device into the wireless network
  • Firstly, Turn ON WiFi on your printer device and go to Device and Printers in your Windows Device.
  • Then, Choose your HP Printer  from the List of devices and connect to it. If your HP Printer is not displayed, check for the Installed Drivers.
  • Remove all the Installed Drivers and Install it again from the Website. Now, Choose HP Drivers tab from the Website and download it.
  • After the Driver Installation, try to locate your 123.hp.com/oj7410xi HP Printer Under the Device and Printers menu and connect it with the network.

Wireless Troubleshooting for Mac

  • Generally, The connection process of Mac is very similar to the connection process of Windows Operating System.
  • At First, Search for My Devices from your Mac Device. Then, locate your Printer Device,follow on-screen instructions to install the Driver.
  • Download HP Utility Software on your Printer Device and Search for Printer’s Driver. After the Driver Installation, delete all the existing drivers with the remove option.
  • After the Driver Reinstallation, try to reconnect your 123.hp.com/oj7410xi printer to the wireless network.

To Change the USB Connection to Wireless Connection

To Convert the USB cable connection to Wireless Network connection, Follow these steps and make the Conversion process simple.

  • The Settings may differ based on your operating system.In windows 8.1,from the start screen click the down arrow and select your 123.hp.com/oj7410xi Printer device. Click Utilies to change the connection type.
  • In Windows 8, Right-Click on the empty area and choose “All App” . Choose your printer name and select Utilities.
  • In Windows 7,Windows Vista and Windows XP: From the Start choose all programs and select HP to open the printer folder.
  • In Mac OS, Select Open Finder and click Application. Choose your HP Printer from the Application list.
  • In the Printer Setup and Software, choose “Convert a USB connected printer to wireless” to complete the conversion process.

To test the Wireless Connection

  • After completing the wireless setup process, take wireless test report print. Generally, you can find information about the printer status, Hardware address and IP address on this Report. 
  • To get more related Information,  choose wireless icon from the printer’s control panel. Then, Select settings and choose print reports  and  select wireless test report.

To change Network Settings

  • You can easily manage the wireless connection and perform the network management related tasks by changing the network settings of the printer’s control panel.
  • Use your printer’s control panel to Set up wireless network connection for your printer and perform network management tasks.
  • Some of the network related tasks can be changed with the network settings. Restore the default network settings and reset the wireless network.
  • It also enables the users to change some of the advanced settings like link speed, IP settings, default gateway and firewall settings.
  • However, it is not recommended to change these settings without knowing about it. Network Administrator will change the settings if required.
  • Get more Information about the network settings from the network configuration page. Select Wireless Settings from the Home Screen.

HP Instant Ink Program

  • Users can enroll for HP Instant Ink , you just have to register your 123.hp.com/oj7410xi HP Printer on the HP Instant Ink Website.
  • Your Printer Device should have an active internet connection.Then, Visit https://instantink.hpconnected.com to get more information related to the Instant Ink Service
  • Choose Sign Up option, it will lead to the page to enroll for the Instant Ink Service.
  • Use Create a New Account Option, to create a new HP account. You can use your existing account with the Sign-In option.
  • Choose your enrollment plan and click next. Get your Printer claim code with the Web Services option.
  • Enter your Printer claim code in the claim code text field. It should be noted that the claim code is case-sensitive.
  • Claim Code is valid only for 24 hours. If the claim code expires, reset the web services to get new printer claim code. Follow the On-Screen Instructions to enroll for the web service.


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