123 HP OfficeJet 9120 printer mobile printing solutions

Mobile printing solutions will help you to print from mobile devices such as Android or Apple. All the smart mobiles used currently have the printing capability with these mobile printing solutions. Some apps require an updated version of your software as a constraint.

 On the whole, the mobile printing solutions are most supportive and consistent these days. The mobile printing solutions supported by the HP OfficeJet 9120 printer are given below.


1. 123 HP Smart app : -

HP smart app also known as the HP All in one Printer Remote app will help you in setting up your printer on a wireless network and other basic functionalities include print, scan and troubleshoot HP OfficeJet 9120 printer issues. The smart app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

2. 123 HP ePrint : –

HP ePrint is a web service which helps to print the desired file from anywhere. You just need an active internet connection and a device from which you can print and now you can print to your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer from wherever you are. As ePrint is a secure service based on cloud, privacy is maintained and it is a free service.

3. 123 HP ePrint app : –

If you are using an Android or Amazon fire device, this app is suitable for you. For Apple iOS devices, the HP ePrint app is already retired. You will get a retired message if you open the app in your iOS device and the App Store does not have this app now. Apple users can download HP Smart app or AirPrint app. This app is a mobile version of HP ePrint

4. Amazon Fire devices : –

With the help of mobile printing solutions, you can print the eBooks to your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer. Get an Amazon fire device with Fire OS 5.0- 5.9 and connect it to a network in which you have connected the printer. You can easily read eBooks with this device. Now , you are ready to print from your Amazon fire device.

5. Apple AirPrint : –

AirPrint is uniquely provided for Apple iOS devices. For this you need an Apple device with iOS 4.2 or further versions. Connect your Apple device in a wireless or Wi-Fi connection and check whether you have connected the HP OfficeJet 9120 printer in the same network. Now start printing from your Apple device.

6. HP Print Service Plug-in (Android) : –

Install the HP Print Service Plug-in to your Android device and you can connect your to HP OfficeJet 9120 printer over a Wi-Fi network or using Wi-Fi Direct connection.

7. Samsung Print Service Plug-in : –

Samsung Print service plug-in is an app available in the Google Play Store for Samsung mobiles. Get it installed on your device and start printing on your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer.

8. NFC touch to print: –

The NFC touch to print is a set of standards for mobile devices such as a tablet or Smart phone. You need not do any alterations as the HP OfficeJet 9120 printer comes with NFC touch to print already turned on by default.

9. Windows 10 Mobile : –

With the help of a wired or wireless network connection, you can print to the HP OfficeJet 9120 printer from your Windows 10 mobile. Just select the file you want to print on your mobile and click Print icon. View the Preview and get your job done.