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HP Deskjet is reliable ,cheap and user-friendly printer model, you can rely on this printer device for better performance. While, it also delivers better quality print output and you can conserve the power resources. It is considered to be one of the fast-selling printer device and tested under the extreme conditions. Then, use the genuine HP Ink cartridges and achieve better quality output. This printer device is compact in size and you can just fit into any place. While, this printer device involves simple steps for the 123 HP DeskJet Setup and the driver installation process. 

Furthermore, HP designed this printer device with separate sockets for the power establishment and USB Connection. In general, HP Provides the software installation CD for Windows and Mac Separately. Then, Get the Manufacturer’s support , carry out the printer 123 HP DeskJet Setup process and start using the printer device right away. Specifically, It is recommended to get the High-capacity ink cartridges as it delivers high-quality output. Then, HP DeskJet Printer Models are the most recommended printer device if you are going to use the device frequently. While, you can get latest version of printer driver software and 123 HP DeskJet Setup Information from the Manufacturer’s site. 

HP DeskJet Printer Model

Printer Driver Installation

  • Printer Driver acts as communication tool between your printer and the computer device. HP DeskJet Involves simple setup and driver installation process. In general, you can find the software driver installation CD along with the printer package. You can find seperate CD for both Windows and Mac OS. At the Same time, you can download latest version of the Printer Driver from the Manufacturer’s Site. Here, we gave instructions to download the printer driver from the Software Installation CD.
  • To start with, Load Software Installation CD on the CD-Drive and then open the setup.exe. In general, the device automatically opens the setup.exe file and start the printer driver installation process.
  • Now, you can start the setup process. In general, there are 3 steps in the printer driver installation process prepare connect and activate. Firstly, the prepare steps involves the basic printer 123 HP DeskJet Setup process and then click next.
  • Following that, the printer device takes you to the Connect Step. The Driver displays the list of software that are going to be installed. While, you can use the Customize Software Selection option and pick the software you needed. 
  •  After that, the software driver asks you to pick the printer- computer connection type. Generally, there are three types of connection USB, Wireless and there is also connect later option. 
  •  Then, select the ” I have reviewed and accept the Installation agreement and Settings”  check box. If you choose USB as the connection type, your device prompts you to connect the USB cable during the installation process. 
  •  After that, the device automatically detects the printer device and tries to establish the Printer-Device Connection. Now, the device asks you to choose the printer’s primary usage and then enter the printer’s postal code for the location information.