123 HP OfficeJet 9120 Wireless setup

When setting up your HP OfficeJet 9120 for the first time, you might have doubts in connecting your printer with a network. You can either choose a wireless or wired network. In general, users prefer Wireless network connection over other connectivity methods. In addition to, the wireless network setup is an easy way to establish printer-computer connection. Below given instructions will help you to connect your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer on a wireless network.

1. HP OfficeJet 9120 Wireless network connection:

Follow the below guidelines to setup the wireless network connection on your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer. Check for the following requirements to setup a wireless network connection

  • Generally, You need a Service Set Identifier (SSID) also called the network name for the wireless connection setup. Then, you need WEP key or WPAsecurity pass phrase frequently known as the network password is required. These two are the compulsory requirements
  • Setup the wireless network connection you using the internet access. Broadband connection is suggested as it will rally round in using Web services.
  • Switch on your computer and HP OfficeJet 9120 Both the printer and computer should be on the ready state. After that, Check whether your computer and HP OfficeJet 9120 printer are at the same network.

Make your printer to be in touch with the computer and in the range of the router during installation if you have any signal problems.

2. HP OfficeJet 9120 Connecting to wireless network:

  • You can connect to the Wireless setup wizard on your printer which assists you to deal with a simple printer connection and wireless connection on your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer.
  • Hit the wireless button on the control panel as the preliminary step. You will observe the display of Wireless menu
  • Click the Settings icon. Click the Wireless Settings and click the wireless Setup wizard. Tag along the onscreen directives to attach the HP OfficeJet 9120 printer to your wireless network.
3. HP OfficeJet 9120 Driver installation :
  • Download and install the most existing version by going to the hp.com and go into your HP OfficeJet 9120 printer model number. Tag along the instructions that come into view on the screen and complete the setup.
  • Go after the commands in HP installer software if you are not comfy in downloading the driver from the website. You can go with the installation CD that was dispatched with the HP OfficeJet 9120
  • Visit hp.com to enter your model number and click Begin to commence the download.
  • Click Download to download the driver. Click any one button such as OpenSave or Run in any windows.
  • You should double-click on the downloaded file to start off the installation wizard
  • Tag along the directives that come into view on the screen to conclude the setup and driver installation. Complete the registration and activation after returning to the home page