123 HP OfficeJet 150 printer ePrint setup

HP ePrint is a service provided by HP free of cost. As the HP ePrint is a free service, you can easily print to your printer from anywhere. But, You just need an active internet connection. Then, Send the file you want to print from any of the device to the HP OfficeJet 150 printer .

Setup the ePrint setup by using the following information and you need a hand held device to send the files.


Make note of the following:

  • To start with, make sure that the HP OfficeJet 150 printer Web services is enabled.
  • Following that,  use the Printer control panel and enable HP ePrint.
  • Now, use the on-screen instructions and complete the 123 HP OfficeJet 150 printer setup.In the end,  print the test page to check the printer’s functionality.
Uncover the HP OfficeJet 150 printer’s email address:
  • At First, Press the ePrint button your HP OfficeJet 150 printer.
  • Then, Choose Display Email Address in Web Service Settings menu.
Get your HP OfficeJet 150 printer email customized:
  • To Start with, Pick Print Info page in the Web Service settings menu.
  • After that, your device automatically prints out the information page. 
  • While, the printer code and the customization instructions gives the printer information. 

Working on HP ePrint : -

    • Switch on your HP OfficeJet 150 printer. Click the ePrint option on your printer display.
    • You can also select Web services setup-> Network Setup to find the Web Services menu (based on your printer model the options may vary)
    • As mentioned above, grab the printer’s email address.
    • The content which you are going to print should be sent as an email attachment to the HP OfficeJet 150 printer.
    • The size of your email should not be greater than 10MB.
    • Some of the documents supported by HP ePrint service are as follows
      • Text(*.txt)
      • PDF
      • HTML
      • Microsoft Word (*.doc and *.docx)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt and *.pptx) and  Microsoft Excel (*.xls and *.xlsx) .
    • Supported Photo file Types
      • *.bmp
      • *.gif
      • *.jpg
      • *.png
      • *.tiff
      • HP ePrint does not support digitally signed, encrypted, password protected documents and Open Office files.
    • Printing on both sides (Duplex Printing) is not supported by HP ePrint.
    • ePrint option can be enabled only if printer has ePrint facility.
    • Printer should be connected to an active internet connection through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
    • ePrint does not support USB Connection.

    For better usage of a Web services (ePrint), a intervallic update for firmware is essential when accessible.

Turn off the HP ePrint service:

In the Web services menu, pick ePrint and click Off to turn off the ePrint service. ePrint option can be enabled only if HP OfficeJet 150 printer has ePrint capability.