123 HP DeskJet Plus 6400 printer Offline Error Issues

Offline error is the most annoying part when you are trying to print using your HP DeskJet Plus 6400 printer. You may get this error on several criteria such as network condition and many more. These errors have some common solutions and that is what this page is all about. Go through the easy instructions to eliminate the offline error.

Initially you can do some of the common trouble shooting methods such as using the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility to check the network connectivity, checking the default printer settings, reset the printer and checks the connection status, checking whether the correct port is selected, updating the firmware or creating a manual connection. You can visit 123.hp.com/dj6400 for the complete instructions.


If none of the above works out, go on with the following instructions :

1. Check the network: –

When you have connected the HP DeskJet Plus 6400 printer on network, make sure you to connect to the networks other than guest or host networks.

As the host networks such as the one available in public places can have extra features such as an isolation features that can prevent printers from connecting and printing.

 Connect your wireless computer to the printer directly using Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct to print to your HP DeskJet Plus 6400 printer. If you have right of entry to the wireless router that is serving a guest network, you can briefly immobilize the security features, permitting the printer to attach to the Internet. You can then use HP ePrint to print.

2. Swap from Wireless to USB or Ethernet connection: –

You can go for another connectivity method, if any one method does not work for you. If you have issues in wireless you can access via USB or Ethernet. You just need to search Windows for your printer and click in search results. Then click Utility and click Connect a new printer.

Tag along the instruction to swap the connectivity method. Check whether you have to connect the USB cable or network when prompted.


3. Remove and reinstall Printer : –

The final step to all the issue is to reset the machine. Driver configuration in Windows should be reset after creating a new driver instance.

Search Windows for device and click Devices and Printer in the search results. Right-click your HP DeskJet Plus 6400 printer name and select Remove device. Click Yes and wait for a few seconds.

4. Disable Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) : –

Search for Devices in Windows and select Devices

and Printers in the search results. Now you have to right-click the printer name and select Printer Properties. Click Ports tab. Select the TCP/IP port being used and click Configure Port. Get rid of the checkmark from SNMP Status Enabled and click Ok. Try to print again.