123 HP DeskJet 3522 printer ePrint setup

HP ePrint is a cloud based service provided by HP for gratis. The ePrint service is a secure web service. Just connect your HP DeskJet 3522 printer on an active internet connection, now you can print your document even if you are away from the printer. This is only possible with the help of HP ePrint service. Visit 123.hp.com/dj3522 for the complete setup

Follows these steps to HP DeskJet 3522 printer ePrint setup :

  • Start setting up the HP ePrint service on your device to utilize the lion’s share. Check for the ePrint requirements such as a computer with active internet connection either wired or wireless network.
  • You need to connect your HP DeskJet 3522 printer to the internet.  When using the wired connection, check whether the Ethernet port’s light are on, the green light should be solid and the orange activity light should blink.
  • When using the wireless connection, check whether the wireless feature is switched on and the printer is hooked up on the network.
  • On your HP DeskJet 3522 printer control panel, press the HP ePrint icon or button. Click Web Services SetupNetwork Setup, or Wireless Settings to open the Web Services menu, depending on your printer model.
  • If you see prompts to switch on the Web Services or setup HP ePrint displays, press Turn on, Enable or Setup based on your printer control panel, tag along the instructions and progress with the subsequent steps. Meanwhile, the printer device might prompt you to update the firmware. Click OK to start the Firmware Updating Process. 
  • If the web service is already in use, you will see a connected status displayed on Web Services Summary as shown above.
  • The next step is to obtain the HP DeskJet 3522 printer’s email address. The printer will print the Important Printer Setup Instructions page. The information page contains information about Web services that includes either your printer email address or the printer claim code.
  • In the information, you can view the printer’s email address and move on to the next step.

HP ePrint

  • Now you are ready to print using the HP ePrint. Enter the printer’s email address that you found on the Information page.
  • The printer’s email address should be added in the To: field only. If you want t add any other email address, you can add it in Cc: field.
  • Another important attribute to add is the subject. The printer sometimes cancels the print jobs if you do not add the subject. Email subject lines do not print.
  • The total size of the email must be 10 MB or less with all the attachments. You should not attach more than 10 attachments. These are some of the mandatory rules that should be followed while printing using HP ePrint service.
  • If you do not abide these rules, your printer will not print the attachment you sent when you are away. So please do not break the rules, they are printers not humans to get away with.