123 HP DeskJet 3517 Printer Troubleshooting

You may come across several printing issues when using your HP DeskJet 3517 printer. Some of the troubleshooting issues and their solutions are addressed here. You can go through the below instructions and resolve all the issues that are concerning your HP DeskJet 3517 printers or visit 123.hp.com/dj3517

The first issue addressed here is fixing poor print quality. The main reason for purchasing HP DeskJet 3517 printers is to get quality prints without any help. It will be annoying to get poor print quality when you have used so many bucks to buy one printer and see it go worthless. Here,  some of the instructions which can help you to repair the print quality.


Following these Instructions to Troubleshoot 123 HP DeskJet 3517 Printer Issues:

1. Certainly, you need to use authentic HP print heads and ink. To get those authentic printheads, visit HP Sure Supply and select your country.Then, You can easily order new ink bottles without any trust issues. On the Other hand, there are other retailers who provide genuine HP ink are also available.

2. If you have issues in print quality, dash on to the ink deliver system and make sure everything is proper. Some of the things that has to be checked are transportation ink valve unlock, closed printhead latch and completely filled ink delivery tubes.

3. Next,  you have to do is to check for the ink smears on the back of printouts. To do this you have to load the paper in the input tray. Press and hold the Power button, press Cancel button thrice and Start Copy Color button eight times and release the power button. Do not remove the page, it will be ejected automatically. Check the print quality in the page.

4. You need to check the paper you have loaded is appropriate. Load the paper print side down in the input tray. But, avoid using the wrinkled or curled paper. While, Plain paper with Color Lok technology is apt for daily use. You can also use a different paper and it depends.

5. After that, Check the print settings in your HP DeskJet 3517 printer. When using Windows operating system, click File and click Print in the software application from which you are trying to print. Open the Properties dialog box, Options, Printer Setup, Printer or Preferences. In the end, click Ok to apply the settings and click Print.

6. When using the print settings in OS X, open the document you want to print, click File and click Print. Choose the Paper Type/Quality or Media & Quality menu. Save your settings and select Save in the Presets menu.

7. Check the ink levels in your HP DeskJet 3517 printers as lower ink levels can impact print quality. Check the printer ink levels using the ink tank window visually.

Now print a Print Quality Diagnostic page to resolve many print quality issues, print a Print Quality Diagnostic page and then evaluate the results.

123 HP deskjet 3517 Printer driver can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/dj3517