123 HP DeskJet 1517 printer Wireless setup in Mac


Setup the HP DeskJet 1517 printer on a wireless network with the help of the instructions given below. Then, Use the on-screen instructions and simplify the wireless network connection process.Visit 123.hp.com/dj1517 and download latest version of the printer driver software. 

1.  Gear up with the requirements: –
  • An active 802.11 yielding Wi-Fi network possibly your personal network.
  •  Then, your Mac OS X computer should be  attached to the similar network on Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
2. Power on settings in HP DeskJet 1517 printer: –
  • First, Turn on the printer device using the printer’s power button. After that, place the ink cartridges and then load paper into the input tray. Now, you are ready  connecting the power cords and complete the entire hardware setup for a proper working of your HP DeskJet 1517 printer.

3. Restoring the default in HP DeskJet 1517 printer : -

  • First, use the power button and turn on the HP DeskJet 1517 printer device. Skip to the next steps to carry on the software installation, if the wireless light is blinking.
  • The wireless light blink is mandatory, so repeat the step until the wireless light blinks.
  • Within 2 hours, you have to complete the software with the help of HP Auto wireless connect feature.

4. Software installation in HP DeskJet 1517 printer: -

  • Initiate the HP Easy Start on your computer in which you want to print. Then, use the HP Easy Start and carry out the printer setup and installation process.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/dj1517 and enter the printer model (HP DeskJet 1517 printer), click Begin and click Download.
  • Open HP Easy Start after downloading the software. Now, Choose Setup My Printer and click Accept to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions. In the end, Click Continue on the Prepare window.
  • The power button light on the HP DeskJet 1517 printer control panel should be lit brightly and the wireless light should blink. If you see the power button dim, it is a sign that the printer is in power saver mode.
  • Your printer series will be listed in the Connect Window. Repeat the steps to restore the default wireless settings if your HP DeskJet 1517 printer is not put on view.
  • Select the printer on the Connect window and click Continue.
  • You will see your wireless network name (i.e., SSID) on the Connect window after installation confirms your network configuration with a Join button between them.
  • Click the Join button if the name and network are right. The computer will be temporarily disconnected from the wireless network while the connection is setup after clicking Join.
  • Once the wireless network password is accepted, HP Easy Start setup the printer and hooks it to the network. The Join button is replaced by a check mark if the setup is completed. Now you can click Continue.
  • Finally, Click Print Test Page to confirm whether the printer setup is correct. Click Continue after verifying the printer.