123 HP DeskJet 1117 Printer Mobile Solutions

HP DeskJet 1117 printers are asserted to be more efficient printers than other models. It  has leading edge technology ink system that can be utilized in both home and offices. While, The core target users are tiny workplaces. The HP DeskJet 1117 printers are attuned with HP cartridges and can print more sheets of black at affordable price. 

HP DeskJet 1117  printer comprises a huge capacity  as it lets you to toil more devoid of recurrent refilling process. You need not worry about ink dripping as the Ink tank design is modernized. The ink bottles of the HP DeskJet 1117 cartridges are designed with a safety valve to control the ink leak.


Bottle will immediately pour out content of the ink when it is allied with the Ink Tank is right on the printer. Bottle of black ink can be used to print up to 5000 sheets. While, ink bottle  containing three colors and can print up to 8000 sheets.

The mobile printing solutions that are supported by 123.hp.com/dj1117 printers are as follows.

1. 123 HP ePrint: -

HP ePrint is effortless to work with once you have setup the configurations. While, You just need to get an email address of your HP DeskJet 1117 printer to print easily and save time.

You can view your HP DeskJet 1117 printer’s email address that will be available in the Web Services summary.

2. 123  HP Smart app: –

HP Smart app will help you to print from your hand held devices. You can also scan the lively pages if you have 5 mega pixel camera on your mobile. Firstly, Open the Smart app on your Android device and tap the camera icon. You are all set to scan the pages and print on your HP DeskJet 1117  printer.

3. Print solution for Android and Kindle devices : -

Amazon kindle devices which are used for reading e-books can print to your HP DeskJet 1117 printer. That is why Amazon kindle is added as mobile printing solutions. After that, you can easily print your favorite page or quote of any book using the mobile printing solution.

4. Apple AirPrint : –

Apple has brought in a new technology that lends a hand to fabricate high quality printout output devoid of downloading the printer drivers. The technology is called AirPrint.
You can easily print full quality photos and documents from your Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod or any iOS device with no special software installation worries. This is only possible with the help of Apple AirPrint. AirPrint technology is embedded in almost every famous printer series. AirPrint features comprises of simple discovery, automatic media selection, and enterprise-class finishing options.